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3 Things You May Often Touch That Is Covered With Germs

You might not realise this, but many things you touch are covered with germs. Of course, not all germs will have adverse effects on your body and health. However, some do, and you wouldn’t want to run into those types of germs.

It is pretty impossible to eliminate germs from your life completely. They’re simply everywhere, and the best you can do is know the things you touch that are germ-ridden and get them cleaned.

So, with that in mind, here are the germ-ridden things you may touch a lot:

1. Your Smartphone

Your phone is an extension of yourself. You spend a lot of time on your phone, so you likely touch your phone more than anything else. If you thought your phone wouldn’t get germs, think again.

If you are feeling lazy, you might want just to spray a bit of sanitiser on your hands and wipe your phone off with them. Then, you can at least have peace of mind knowing that you have wiped off your phone with a cleaner than just your own hands.

2. Your Office Desk

Many people work in an office, using a desk day in and day out. That desk will be where you eat your lunch, do your work, and take your coffee break. Unfortunately, due to how much it is used, it is also where germs tend to pile up.

There are many things that you can do to clean it. One of them is to use a cleaning wipe. You simply have to wipe off the desk with the wipe, and any germs on it will be wiped away.

3. Your Computer Keyboard

You probably touch your computer keyboard regularly, especially if you’re an office worker. However, you probably don’t think about cleaning your keyboard in the office. You might not even think about cleaning it at home. If you don’t clean your keyboard, it might give you tons of germs.

Fortunately, cleaning them is pretty straightforward. You can purchase cleaning wipes and wipe your keyboard clean. If you want a more thorough clean, you might need to grab some buds and alcohol solution to clean between the keys to get rid of more germs.


There are many other things you touch every day that you may not realise have many germs. From your TV remote control to your dish sponge, germs can be found anywhere and everywhere. Regardless, cleaning things you touch often is an excellent way to ensure the spread of germs is limited and that the risk of getting sick due to these germs is minimised as much as possible! If you do not have the time to clean anything, we highly recommend hiring cleaning professionals. They can do the job for you, ensuring you get to live and work in clean, safe environments.

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