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4 Health Benefits of a Clean Home That Will Surprise You

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Anyone can tell you that many advantages come with living in a clean environment. Most people try and keep their homes neat and tidy for aesthetic reasons. While having an Instagram-worthy home is a plus, many people do not realize that those who live in clean homes are typically in better health. 

Health Benefits of a Clean Home That Will Surprise You

While it is common knowledge that people will have fewer chances of developing allergies and picking up viruses and disease in a house cleaned regularly, there is much more to it than that. You may be surprised to learn that there are much deeper health benefits of a clean home than you initially thought. Keep reading to find out!

1 – Having A Cleaner Bedroom May Lead To Better Sleep

Studies have shown that around 45% of people suffer from sleep problems, most of them claiming that they have a difficult time falling asleep. The psychological explanation of people who have trouble getting to sleep is because they have a lot on their minds, and it is not easy for them to “turn off” the thoughts that come to them as they attempt to sleep. 

One thing many of us may be guilty of is meditating on all the chores left undone at the end of the day. The key to having peaceful thoughts and being able to fall asleep faster is to eliminate all the distractions and make sure that your house is neat and clean before you lay down for the night.

2 – Decluttering May Improve Your Mental Health

While a clean house may not have a direct effect on your mental health, a dirty, cluttered, and unorganised living space may contribute to mental stress and depression. It may be overwhelming to think about cleaning your untidy house, and this stress may affect your mental state. 

3 – A Clean Kitchen Can Lead To Cooking Healthier Food

When you have a kitchen sink full of unwashed pots and pans, you may subconsciously choose to order food from a fast food place instead. A clean cooking space, however, will encourage you to prepare your meals at home. You will be able to control the sodium content, as well as make healthier food choices, all because of your clean kitchen!

4 – A Clean Home Can Save You Money

You will not believe the amount of savings you can have if you choose to regularly clean your home. You will not require harsh cleaning chemicals and products if you take the time to clean up after yourself. All the money you will save from not buying these products will add up and contribute to higher savings in the long run.


A clean home can affect your overall well being. Keeping your home clean and tidy may result in a better mental state as well as improve your overall health standing. It may sometimes be a tedious task, to make sure that everything is spic and span in your household. However, if you clean it regularly, it will not seem like such an insurmountable task at all!

If you do not have the time to clean your house yourself, you can always hire a cleaning services company to get the job done for you. Essential Home Services is a professional domestic cleaning service across the Mornington Peninsula and South Eastern suburbs that provides quality cleaning processes whether that be a general clean or deep clean service. Feel the benefits of a cleaner home by having us clean your home today!