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How to Prepare Your Home for Professional Cleaning

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No one likes coming home to a messy and cluttered space, but not everyone has the luxury of time. On-the-go and busy professionals spend most of their time beating deadlines, leaving no room to clean around their homes. Thankfully, hiring professional cleaning services has now become a norm. 

Expert cleaners are always one appointment away, and they’ll come into your home to clean and sanitise, keeping allergens and other messes away.  This way, your home will always look fresh, even days after the cleaning appointment. 

Although the idea is to let the experts do their cleaning magic, you also have a vital role. Before relaxing and enjoying your weekend, it’s best to prepare your home before they arrive. In doing so, you make the most out of their services. Here’s what you can do:

1 – Declutter your spaces 

You likely have dirty clothes littering the hallways, untidy sheets, and even shoe pairs haphazardly left by the doorstep. These have probably accumulated as you dash out the door to make it on time, only to dash back that very afternoon to freshen up for dinner preparation. Before you know it, the clutter has piled up, sprinkled with newspapers, mail, packages, and other items you’ve yet to pay attention to. 

Although your cleaners will help you declutter before sweeping, wiping, and mopping, it’s best to tidy up your rooms before the appointment. In doing so, you allow them the chance to spend more time on serious matters, such as removing stains, sanitising, and other necessary cleaning procedures dedicated to keeping the germs away.

2 – Remember to be as helpful as possible 

Professional cleaners provide services to a wide range of clients, all of whom live in different spaces. If this is your first appointment, understand that it may take a while before they get used to your household’s flow. They’ll need a couple of visits before creating a cleaning plan that works flawlessly, so make sure to guide them through their first visits. 

You may also opt to leave specific instructions, especially in areas you think need the most attention. Could it be the bathroom, kitchen, or perhaps the children’s rooms? Communicate openly and with intention!

3 – Keep your expectations realistic 

Unfortunately, most people expect that hiring cleaners means having someone to do all their home tasks, which is a common misconception. Bear in mind that your cleaner’s specific duties and responsibilities aren’t supposed to do, such as looking after children, washing the windows outside, watering plants, and even moving furniture. 

Although they’ll gladly follow specific instructions, keep in mind that you’re paying for professional services. Extra tasks outside of the standard package could mean additional fees, so ensure communicating with the company properly. 

The Bottom Line

These preparations may not seem like much, but they’re beneficial to your professional cleanings. Doing so before the appointment not only helps them perform better, but you also make sure that your home is thoroughly cleaned. In doing so, you gain your money’s worth—every single cleaning session!

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