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The Significance of Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home

Disinfection procedures are crucial to lowering the risk of COVID-19 virus contamination in places other than healthcare facilities such as workplaces, homes, schools, gyms, publicly accessible structures, religious community centres, and marketplaces. 

It is important to prioritise cleaning high-touch areas in these non-healthcare environments, such as door and window handles, food preparation areas, countertops, bathroom surfaces, toilets, and taps, as well as touchscreen personal devices, keyboards, and work surfaces.

Even if you aren’t leaving the house, washing and sanitising high-touch surfaces at least once a day is advised because the risk of COVID-19 transfer from person to person is significantly higher than that from surfaces. 

This is due to the danger of exposure whenever things or people enter or exit your home. Below are more ways you can disinfect your home effectively.

The Distinction of Disinfecting

Disinfecting involves applying disinfectants to surfaces and items to eradicate germs. Bleach and alcohol solutions are a few common disinfectants. 

In order to kill the germs, you often need to leave the disinfectant on the surfaces and items for a particular amount of time. Disinfecting does not always include cleaning grimy surfaces or getting rid of bacteria.

You could sanitise by cleaning, disinfecting, or doing both. By sanitising, you are bringing the level of germs down to a safe level. The public health norms or criteria at a workplace or school determine what is regarded as a safe level. 

Depending on your demands, the sanitising procedure you use will change. You might be using a mop, a chemical, and water to clean a floor. Dishwashers can be used to sterilise the dishes. Or you might be wiping a TV remote with an antibacterial wipe.

House Cleaning and Sanitising

Regularly cleaning and sanitising high-touch surfaces in your house is a crucial safety measure to reduce the risk of infection.

For safe and efficient use, adhere to the cleaning product’s instructions. These instructions will include safety measures you should take when applying the product, such as wearing gloves and ensuring you have adequate ventilation.

A few national authorities have created lists of products they think should be used to combat the COVID-19 virus.

Anti-COVID-19 Disinfection

Although each home is unique, typical high-touch surfaces include door handles, tables, chairs, handrails, countertops in the kitchen and bathroom, taps, toilets, light switches, keyboards on laptops and tablets, remote controls, gaming controllers, and children’s toys.

While you don’t have to clean your home thoroughly every day, you should concentrate on sanitising the places where germs thrive.

When cleaning, put on disposable gloves and discard them afterwards. Make sure to clean your reusable gloves after using them if you have some. 

Additionally, always wash your hands before and after sanitising and disinfecting your house.

Compared to surface sanitising products, surface disinfection products must pass more stringent tests and meet greater standards of efficiency. 

Because they have been evaluated using both techniques, many products are registered with the EPA as both sanitisers and disinfectants. Registered disinfectants and sanitisers may also include cleaning chemicals.


You should be aware of which cleaning products specifically kill COVID-19 since not all cleaning products are efficient against all sorts of germs. 

While employing chemicals that effectively destroy viruses is essential, it’s also vital to use the right procedures to disinfect surfaces completely. About 99.9 per cent of germs will be eliminated after 10 minutes of the product remaining wet on surfaces or items.

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