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How to Integrate Cleaning into Your Daily Schedule

Arranging your cleaning tasks in a logical order and developing a timetable that works with your daily routine can help you keep the home clean, even with a hectic schedule. With proper planning, you can squeeze light housework into even the busiest of schedules.

The Initial Steps

The first thing to do when you start cleaning is to decide what tasks you need to accomplish and how you can fit them into your daily and weekly schedules. Decide how often you’ll do specific tasks, such as vacuuming. Once a week will be fine for vacuuming, but you should dust the furniture every other day and clean the bathroom once a month or so. You might also want to create a checklist of each task to see what needs to be done next.

The Daily Tasks

First, decide on a series of simple tasks to complete for the day. These tasks should take no more than several minutes each and include taking out the trash, collecting the mail and the dishes, and sweeping the floor. Once you have a schedule of simple tasks, stick to it.

Try doing each task in the same order every day, repeating it for weeks until it becomes a habit. You can even set the alarm for certain times of the day, so you don’t forget. Prioritising your daily tasks is a simple way to ensure that you get everything done promptly.

The Weekly Tasks

As mentioned earlier, cut out a checklist of week-long tasks and distribute them over seven consecutive days. This way, you will have a day to finish the task and have time to enjoy the weekend. On the other hand, if you have an enormous cleaning job to get through, you can devote an entire weekend day to it and still enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Organise and Stock Your Cleaning Supplies

Once you’ve blocked off your schedule for cleaning, the next step is to gather your supplies. Never waste time getting cleaning tools and equipment back and forth: instead, develop a cleaning kit that will contain everything you will need to clean the house.

Supplies could include a broom, mop, vacuum cleaner, dustpan, dish soap, disinfectants and cleaning sponges, and kitchen utensils. Of course, gloves would be essential in cleaning very greasy areas like the kitchen or bathroom.

Develop a Routine

The last step is the most important: develop a cleaning routine. As you set the schedule for your cleaning tasks, you might rely more on daily tasks than on weekly ones. This is because the daily tasks are usually easier to complete.

When you decide to clean, make sure that you allocate at least 20 minutes a day to keep the house tidy and clean. If you want to devote more time to cleaning, add 15 minutes to the daily tasks.

Divide the daily tasks for the day as it suits you, but make sure that you include all of them in your schedule each day. It may be tempting to save the “easy” tasks for the end of the day, but it’s worth it to tackle them in the morning when you have more energy.


You have to find a cleaning schedule that is suitable for your needs. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but make sure that you can complete all the necessary tasks even on the busiest days. If you find it hard to fit in all the daily and weekly tasks, then scale them back.

Using the tips that we’ve discussed in this article, you will be able to develop a cleaning schedule that works for your household and personal program if you can’t follow a daily schedule, set priorities and work on the more manageable tasks first. You can constantly adjust the plan to match your needs if you need to.

As you follow your cleaning schedule, you will find that it is a lot easier to keep the home tidy and clean.

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