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3 Dirty Spots at Home You’re Forgetting to Clean

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When it’s time to clean your home, some areas are easier to manage than others. Stains need removing, the sink piled with dirty dishes, pots, and pans need washing, and the mountain of laundry needs to go in the washing machine. Doing all these chores earn you a pat on the back, but there may be things left hiding in nooks and crannies that often go unnoticed. 

Even a deep cleaning can leave these hard-to-reach spots untouched. That’s why we’re here to bring them to your attention so you won’t forget to include them in your chore list. 

1. Underside of Furniture

Brushing off pet hair, loose dirt, and dust off your couch is common, but while your pieces of furniture look pristine at first glance, they may be harbouring even more behind the scenes. The underside of your couch, for instance, maybe full of grime, spider webs, and other filth clinging onto for dear life! While you’re at it, it’s good to check inside the couch, too. You likely forget about the built-up grime on the upper side of your cabinets and even door frames. They’re often hard to reach and out of sight, so, understandably, they can persist even after giving your home some DIY deep cleaning. 

2. Air Vents

People love to use air fresheners or diffusers to keep the atmosphere light and pleasant, but no amount of essential oils can get rid of the allergens circulating the air due to your dirty vents. They can quickly accumulate dirt and dust since they’re directly connected to your air conditioning units, and seeing as fresh air is a must, it’s important to give these inconspicuous spots some TLC too. 

3. Toothbrush Holder 

Brushing your teeth twice a day is a habit that many have grown accustomed to, especially since maintaining good dental hygiene is critical to one’s health. While people grew up knowing to give their teeth some proper treatment, the toothbrush holder doesn’t get as much cleaning as our pearly whites. 

But when you look closely, the bottom parts of the holder are some of the grimiest things in your home, plus the fact that it holds plenty of moisture makes it susceptible to mould growth. 

The Bottom Line: Don’t Let Bacteria Grow Out of Control In These Overlooked Areas at Home 

Many things at home grab your attention once it starts to look unkempt, but it’s easy to forget to clean spots that are often imperceptible at first glance. These areas can house the most disease-causing bacteria and other kinds of filth, but working with professionals can save you the trouble of finding these dirty places since they’ll know every square inch that needs cleaning.

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