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Top 3 Dirtiest Household Areas That Need Deep Cleaning

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Maintaining a clean house is one of the most critical and challenging tasks to accomplish. It’s because while you would like to believe that clutter is easy to spot, some particular nooks and crannies hide the most invasive contaminants, such as mould spores and pathogens. The good news is they would often hide in the dirtiest rooms in the home. You just need to know where those are and develop the appropriate plan for deep cleaning. Use this article as your guide for your convenience.

1. Kitchen

Since the kitchen is one of the busiest areas in the house, it’s a given that most of the messes come from this place. You can often see a lot of dirt and food waste on the floor, for starters, which people can step on without knowing as they drag it across the room. You can also find a lot of spills and discarded fruit peels on the counter. While these are the more accessible kinds of clutter to spot, there are hidden areas that are the vilest of messes.

If you want to do a deep cleaning in your kitchen, your first order of business is behind or below your small kitchen appliances, where you can often spot rotten food and dust festering in these dark places. You should also look inside your cabinets and clean all the microscopic impurities that tend to grow in there. Most importantly, don’t forget to look under your sink and deep inside your refrigerator, specifically in areas where you wouldn’t usually clean. 

2. Bathroom 

The bathroom should be where you and the rest of the household can quickly get clean by taking a bath or a shower. Unfortunately, doing this often leaves behind many bacteria around the bathing area and near the toilet. You can also spot some leftover wastewater around the sink due to toothbrushing and handwashing, which need to be flushed down. 

You should take the time to disinfect the high-touch surfaces for deep cleanings, such as the doorknobs, faucet handles, and light switches. The towel handles for your bathing towels must also be cleaned when there is nothing to hang. Lastly, don’t forget to wipe down the shower doors and around the toilet. (Yes, even the outer side of the toilet and under the toilet seat, which is often neglected during the cleaning process.)

3. Bedroom 

While you may be sleeping soundly on your bed, the room itself may be filled with harmful substances, such as fungus, mites, and even insects. The sad part is most of them can be spotted in your mattress, especially on the outermost layer. This is because it’s the place with the most contact as you lie on it every night and even sometimes during the day. Therefore, you should have your mattress and bedframe cleaned once or twice a month. 

Additionally, you need to change your beddings and get them properly cleaned since they can often lead to fungal and bacterial infections. If you also have sensitive skin, you are more susceptible to breakouts and eczema. Thus, make sure you get hypoallergenic bed fittings and avoid using them for more than a month. 


Keeping your home clean can be a challenge, especially when considering the sheer amount of effort needed for the dirtiest areas. Fortunately, you now have a better idea of where these places are and what you have to watch out when you do your chores. Meanwhile, if you simply don’t have the time and patience to accomplish these tasks, you can merely rely on experts like us! 

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