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How to Clean Painted Walls and Maintain the Upkeep of Your Home

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When homeowners strive to maintain the cleanliness of their property, they want to make sure they scrub, sweep, mop, and wipe through every surface, floor, nook and cranny of the house. However, sometimes, you forget about going over your walls and giving them a decent scrub.

No matter how prominent they are in every room of the house you work to take care of, they are often forgotten unless they display a noticeable stain or mark you just have to remove. Even though your walls always appear to be in good condition, it won’t hurt to go through them and wipe them clean to prevent any buildup of dust, dirt, and other particles.

Before you begin cleaning your walls or hiring a cleaning services company to do it for you, make sure that all the furniture, appliances, decor, and other essential items are adequately covered. You can opt to use worn-out sheets or newspapers to prevent accidents like spots or further damage from happening. 

Keep reading below to learn how to maintain the pristine condition of your walls based on their coat of paint.

For Gloss and Semi-Gloss Walls

If your walls have a gloss or semi-gloss finish, you can look forward to giving them a more in-depth cleaning as compared to other kinds of walls incorporating different paint finishes. Due to their long-lasting features, many homeowners prefer painting their bathroom and kitchen walls gloss or semi-gloss.

You can stay on the safe side by using a gentle degreaser solution over them to maintain their good condition. However, you have to be careful and avoid scratching your walls, or it will leave a mark, so don’t use a harsh sponge over your gloss walls.

For Matte Finish Walls

If your home comprises flat, matte, or eggshell finish walls, you have to remind yourself how fragile they are because they can easily be affected, especially when you’re cleaning. Never scrub harshly, or you will end up with peeling walls.

The best cleaning equipment to use on matte finish walls is a soft sponge. But if you don’t have the luxury of time to purchase the proper cleaning materials, let alone take over the job, you could think of hiring home cleaners to come to the rescue.  

For Latex-Painted Walls

Homes that contain latex-painted walls are prone to damage the moment you apply chemical-based cleaning solutions to them. That’s why before you begin sanitising your walls, you have to know what paint your walls have on them, allowing you to grab the proper cleaning tools.

Together with a gentle cleaning solution, you will need two buckets, one filled with warm water mixed with soap while the other with plain clean water. Having two sponges is also necessary because you will need to use one for the soapy solution while wiping the solution off your wall with the clean sponge.

For Oil-Based Paint Walls

When you have oil-based paint coating on your walls, you can take care of them the same way one cleans latex walls. Unfortunately, it can be more challenging to deal with oil-based paint, so you have to be more careful with every scrub you do to avoid making a mess.

Failing to utilise the proper cleaning tools, such as using an abrasive sponge instead of a gentle one, could lead to unwanted streaks all over your walls. If you want to avoid making permanent marks, it’s best to leave it to professional cleaning services.


Whether your walls are glossy, semigloss, matte, latex, or oil-based, it’s integral to know how to clean them accordingly to avoid facing the consequences once you initiate the wrong practices. What you can do is include cleaning your walls whenever you maintain the rest of your house or, better yet, call for cleaning services to receive expert assistance. 

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